10/19/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #19 – Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Okay, so this one is hot off the presses. For a select lucky few of you it may actually be in a theater, but for the rest of the world it just hit On Demand. This movie was a festival darling for what seems like ages. It won audience awards. And it seemed like every single person who saw it, loved it. It’s an absolute blast. It mixed genres; it was unique and fun; and like many “festival darlings” it also could not find distribution for some stupid ass reason. Luckily all that is fixed, and trust me when I say you should spend a few coins and order this PPV. T&DvsE does for hillbilly horror movies what Wicked did for The Wizard of Oz. It tells the story from the other point of view and makes you realize that maybe the supposed villains aren’t actually the bad guys after all. Here, Tucker and Dale are a loveable, huggable, earnest couple of hillbillies who just got a steal on a “summer home” in the woods. All they want to do is fix up the place when a group of college preppy kids come into their woods and all hell breaks loose. Misconceptions about the hillbillies abound and cause numerous and countless macabre circumstances. Basically, people start dropping like flies. And boy do they die, in hilarious, gory, fashion. It’s seriously laugh out loud stuff. I don’t want to ruin anything else for you, just watch it. I love this movie and I want everyone to experience it as well. PPV it now! You won’t be sorry.


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