The Fly

“Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Haha, such a perfect quote from, and for, this movie. The Fly is one of those crossover movies that thankfully was able to find both a horror audience as well as a mainstream audience. I think a key reason for this was the intelligence level. The Fly is a smart movie with a lot of really interesting themes. Would you expect anything less from Cronenberg? But amongst all the intelligence, drama, and the love story within, the Fly is also one of those movies that is able to ick out even the most avid horror watcher. It’s just glorious for its creep factor, not to mention how enjoyable it is to see it revel with pride in its extreme gore and gooiness. It really has a bit of everything. Jeff Goldblum has played 857 scientists in movies it seems, but for my money there’s no one better than Seth Brundle. Watching his degeneration both physically and mentally is a thing of wonder. Look, to be able to overcome the fact that it’s essentially about a half man/half fly, and have every single person take it seriously, is quite a feat. And trust me, when it comes to the special effects, this baby has come a looooong way from the Vincent Price original. Brundlefly is a sick masterpiece of awfulness and I love it so much. Enjoy my friends.


One thought on “10/18/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #18 – The Fly.

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