10/17/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #17 – The Ruins.

The Ruins

Some movies you have to take a stand on. And I’ll take a damn stand with The Ruins. The Ruins was awesome. It has its naysayers, but I say nay to you! It was original. It was unique. I was well acted. It was super gory. And it was suspenseful and thrilling as all hell. As a horror fanatic, sometimes I don’t get my fellow horror fanatics. Many of you complain that there isn’t anything new or original as far as horror films that hit the theaters. But then when an original one actually comes out in over 2000 screens, you don’t pay to go see it! The Ruins sadly fizzled at the box office, which does not give hope to future original horror programming. Say hello to more horror remakes! Sigh. But, again, that’s another conversation for another day. Back to The Ruins, let’s talk about this movie a bit. The setup is simple enough, American vacationers in Mexico find out about some secret ruins that are hidden and no one knows about. When they go to check them out they’re surrounded by local villagers and not allowed to step off the ruins. Why? Well, you’ll have to just find out for yourself. It’s just fantastically simple and haunting. Look, I know that there is one farfetched plot point in particular that created most of the naysayers in the first place, but I guess I just don’t understand the argument. If farfetched is a problem, turn off every horror movie you’ve ever seen. We live and feed on farfetched. Geez. Anyway, loosen up a bit, give The Ruins a watch, and trust me, if you let yourself get caught up in it, you’ll be looking at your neighbor’s rose bushes in a whole new light.


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