So I’m a big fan of mud runs – awesome races where you have to trudge through massive mud pits. There’s just something so primal about them. Coincidentally, this is what reminded me of this movie, one of the most disturbing scenes in this little ditty takes place in the muddy ground. Yeah, we’re going to go WAY back in time for this one (try, 1932), but trust me, if you want to be disturbed, and I mean really disturbed, curl up and watch this flick by yourself. Actually, (and ridiculously) banned for quite a while because of various stupid reasons, this film is a true freakshow. No, really… The director actually used real people with deformities to fill his cast of “freaks” for the travelling sideshow. Seriously, you’ve been warned. It’s insanely exploitative, extremely grungy and icky, and just like the mud, it’ll really get under your skin in a haunting way and you won’t be able to wash it off for a while. But if you’re like me, and you actually LOOK for things like that, you’ll have a damn good time. So please, if you’re like me, and this sounds entertaining to you, repeat after me, “one of us… one of us… ONE OF US!!!” Hahaha, so messed up.


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