Sure, people could make the argument that this isn’t actually a horror movie, but to that I want to slap them in the face. If there is a more disturbing major studio release in the last few decades, please let me know. Se7en came out in 1995, and still has yet to be topped in the serial killer department. Plus, it sealed David Fincher’s fate as one of Hollywood’s most impressive directors. Only his 2nd film, he just knocked it out of the park. I have an expression for a sensation that I seldom feel anymore, called a “movie high.” It’s that elated, almost drug-like, feeling you get when you see a movie at the theater that literally just blows you away and leaves you breathless. I left Se7en with a definite “movie high.” Everything about this movie is disturbingly dark and yet somehow beautiful in its darkness at the same time. It relishes the darkness like a church hymn relishes the light. From its opening moments where we are introduced to “Gluttony”, you know immediately that you’re not in for a normal viewing experience. And yet somehow each of the seven deadly sins is equally disturbing. There are no low points. My personal favorite is “Sloth” because of the purely disturbing and amazing nature of it. What makes it even more impressive is the cast they brought along for this messed up ride. And please tell me, is there anything more amazing than the final 20 minutes of this film? I mean, honestly! Kevin Spacey (who was uncredited, btw, which also adds a layer of awesome, considering who he was playing), deserves a lifelong amount of kudos for what he gave us. Bless the darkness this film bathes in. Bless the twisted minds that birthed it. And finally bless the studio heads that actually realized the mass audiences can handle disturbing shit like this.


2 thoughts on “10/16/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #16 – Se7en.

  1. I have seen this movie a dozen times but in those last 20 minutes, my heart is beating so hard each time. The buildup is extraordinary. Also, it’s too bad movies can’t pull an “uncredited” stunt anymore, nowadays there’s always too much publicity on a movie to get away with something like that.

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