Evil Dead 2

Nothing like some old school Sam Raimi for the weekend.  Much like Peter Jackson, before he became a big budget blockbuster director, he was directing twisted gorefests for little freaks like me.  Before the Spiderman movies, Sam gave us the Evil Dead flicks.  God bless him.  One of the best trilogies ever.  Changed my life and altered my career path (seriously.)  I worship all three, but I had to pick Evil Dead 2, simply because it’s my favorite.  Although at first, it’s a tad confusing because it’s sort of a remake of the original Evil Dead, but not really, but kind of?  Then as it adds a lot of new ideas and directions while it progresses, you realize how freakin’ amazing this one is because Sam decided to pump humor into the mix.  Humor mixed with the Necronomicon equals joyful splendor.  It’s simple math.  There’s so much madness on screen, you honestly can’t believe you’re actually watching what you’re watching.  You just don’t normally see this kind of thing.  It’s just so original.  Severed hand battles, dancing demons, mounted deer heads coming to life, that awesome weird thing under the stairs, and a freakin’ AMAZING Bruce Campbell with a chainsaw arm.  Need I say more?  No, even though I could talk for ages about this movie I figure I’ll just simply chant like the demons do…  “Dead by dawn!  Dead by dawn!”  Yay demons!

One thought on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/15/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #15 – Evil Dead 2.

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