10/15/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #15 – Paranormal Activity.

Paranormal Activity

So today I decided to pick a movie that has gained a lot of naysayers after it’s initial huge release.  What is it about horror fans turning on horror movies that actually find a large audience?  It’s almost like if a horror movie is a success, serious horror fans think they have to hate it.  That’s just stupid.  If a movie is good, a movie is good.  And Paranormal Activity is plain old good and deserves the huge audience it received.  There’s a reason this movie took Slamdance by storm.  It’s an example of a simple good idea, executed to perfection.  You don’t need a huge budget (or in this case, hardly a budget at all.)  You just need something that works.  And Paranormal Activity found the perfect amount of creeps and spooks to work on you from the inside out.  I was one of the lucky few that saw this film early before all the buzz, and holy shit am I happy about that.  As the movie progressed, and each time they would show the next night recording, and the daunting time code in the corner, I found myself (as well as the whole audience) getting more and more nervous.  It’s such a great subtle and slow buildup to an amazing and terrifying conclusion.  If you can, check out the alternate endings.  In my opinion, one of the deleted ones is even superior to the one they used.  Still, great movie.  Great atmosphere.  Great sequel that followed.  And hey, the third one comes out in a week.  Go check it out.

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