10/14/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION(S) #14 – Severance / The Cottage. **Double Feature Day**

Severance The Cottage

I’m feeling frisky. I’m currently posting 2010’s picks as well, so technically you’re already getting two picks a day. But today I decided to mix it up and blast off a twofer for my 2011 picks as well (so I guess you get three today, whatever.) Anyway, back on point, I mainly decided to do these two picks together because they’re so similar to each other in tone that they could be a great double feature. Hear that, New Beverly? I love horror comedies. You’ll see that sentiment brought up over and over on this blog. And these are two great European treats. These movies are just so much fun.

First, let’s take Severance. Basically take the cast of The Office (complete with some annoying characters you wouldn’t mind seeing dead), put them on a corporate retreat in the woods, and then let loose some mysterious killers that start taking them out, and wah-lah, you’ve got Severance. What I enjoyed about this movie was how utterly black the humor was while oddly slapsticky at the same time. It’s a bizarre mix that doesn’t always work, but I had fun with it. There’s even one scene that has drawn some considerable backlash because of the times we’re living in now, but I thought it was pretty damn funny. So if you don’t like your humor really dark and bizarre, don’t watch. In addition, it’s extremely gory, as you might expect from its poster, ha. But another thing that’s a lot of fun is the discussion you’ll have afterward about who you think the killers actually were. Because interestingly, it’s never fully revealed and leaves two very distinct theories that each side could pose an argument for. It’s just a fun time. Enjoy yourself.

Now, let’s look at The Cottage. Another fun as hell horror-gore comedy. And one that, in my opinion, was wrongly criticized by critics when it came out. I loves me some Andy Serkis. People definitely recognize his genius in the motion capture realm, with not only Gollum and King Kong, but now his amazing work in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. But how about Andy Serkis the actor? Well, here you go folks. He’s your lead. He’s such a fun guy and great actor that I honestly hope he explodes out there even more. Here, in this little British ditty, he plays one half of a bumbling kidnapping duo that kidnap the wrong girl. And yeah, needless to say, things go awry. What I enjoyed about this movie is that the first half and the second half are almost two completely different movies. This was one of the major complaints by the critics, saying that it didn’t know what kind of movie it was, but to me I loved it. When it transfers from a slapsticky, comedic, movie about two bumbling gangsters to, well, a pretty over-the-top slasher film with a menacing villain, it just worked for me. And when I say it turns violent… trust me… it turns violent. Regardless, I had a ball with it, but I’d love to hear your opinion out there as well. Enjoy the double feature!

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