10/13/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #13 – Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Dawn of the Dead

Okay, so last year I picked the remake of Dawn of the Dead instead of the original and I got a lot of shit about that. But I think many people missed the point. I wasn’t really comparing the two, I just really loved what they did with the remake and wanted to show HOW a remake can be done, and be done badass. Regardless, now it’s time for me to give the original its due. Although honestly, how much more can be said about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It’s a masterpiece. Sure Night of the Living Dead has more name recognition, and is more straightforward and intense. But Dawn of the Dead has SO many other factors in it that make it my personal fave of the Romero’s. What makes this movie stand alone is that it’s far more than just a mindless sequel. As usual, Romero wanted to say something here, and he says it in spades. The entire movie is full of allegories about consumerism, and basically asking, “who are the real zombies?” The fact that he chose a shopping mall as the locale flat out speaks volumes, but then what he does with it is genius. Look, at times this movie plays with all the genres, even occasionally stepping into comedic territory. That’s why it rules. Hell, a motorcycle gang? C’mon! With my hero, Tom Savini! And speaking of Savini, bless his gift for gore. His art is so on display here, it’s just great. Guts galore, baby. And as a final thought, if you don’t think this movie plays with normal horror clichés, think about who survives at the end. If you don’t think Romero was trying to say something all the way to the credits, think again.


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