When it comes to werewolf movies, the same obvious choices are always thought of (some for absolute good reason, others that are WAY overrated, but that’s a whole other discussion.) The movie that is always overlooked is Wolfen, and that’s a damn shame. Now granted, it’s not your normal werewolf movie. There’s a much higher intelligence at work here, not to mention a very high caliber of acting talent as well. It tweaks the normal werewolf mythology instead using Indian spirits and folklore. This flick is just brutal and awesome. Plus, there’s just something scarier about the fact that these attacks are all taking place within a modern city instead of an abandoned countryside. It plays out almost like a CSI-type mystery but with wolves, which makes for a very interesting experience. Not sure how the effects hold up, but at the time it had one of the single creepiest beheading scenes I’d ever seen (I dreamt about that still-screaming severed head for weeks.) And hey, I’m a fan of any movie that has any kind of “creature vision.” It’s just always awesome. Most people think of Predator when it comes to that, but Wolfen did it far earlier. And finally, how can you say no to a movie where a long haired, stark naked, Edward James Olmos runs around and dances like a maniac? You can’t.


One thought on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/12/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #12 – Wolfen.

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