On this day of 10/10/10 when everyone’s talking about bizarre theories and mathematical equations regarding the “meaning” of the date… well, I just want to take all that math talk and shove it into a puzzle box that opens a gateway to Hell. Seriously, how cool was that damn box? I remember wanting so badly to find a box exactly like that at my local comic book store. Alas, I always left empty handed. No gateway to Hell for little Jeffy. I love Hellraiser. It’s just so messed up. People who’ve never seen it sometimes just regard it as some schlock slasher flick with a guy who has pins in his face, but it’s so much more than that. It oozes with originality and highly disturbing visuals. Sure the acting sometimes leave a little to be desired, but when you have Doug Bradley, no one else matters. Clive Barker is a twisted soul (bless his raspy voice), and it’s all on the screen here. I’m mean seriously, how many flicks do you know have awesome rubik’s cube boxes with connections to hell; numerous demons that have serious S&M tendencies; and so, so, SO many hooks and chains with minds of their of their own that will literally rip you apart (that scene is still one of my all time favorites.) So messed up. All hail Pinhead!


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