10/8/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #8 – Monster House.

Monster House

Okay, okay, okay, now hold on a second. Before you roll your eyes and mock, hear me out. I know most people see that something is animated and immediately tune it out, but have you actually seen Monster House? This movie is spectacular. There was more originality and uniqueness in this flick than the hundred movies released on either side of it. Plus, if you don’t think it’s a horror flick, go ahead and watch it with a kid. You’d think they were watching the Exorcist for hell’s sake. Even as an adult, whenever the house “wakes up”, you can’t help but find a little anticipation grow inside of you for its eventual victim. What was such a nice surprise was how adult the themes were (not to mention some of the jokes.) In addition, when the story of the house is eventually explained, not only is it completely unique, but it’s at the same time haunting and actually kind of beautiful. The voice cast is pitch perfect (LOVES me some Steve Buscemi), and the 3rd act, when the house reveals its true force, is just fantastic. Take away your pre-emptive opinions about animation and kid’s flicks and just roll back the clock to when you were ten years old. Open yourself up to a truly unique experience and within five minutes you’ll forget it’s even animated. Trust me on this one.


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