The Descent

Yesterday we went back in time.  Today, we’ll stay relatively recent with one of my favorite horror movies in the past decade.  The Descent mixes equal parts paranoia and claustrophobia with a perfect helping of creepy creatures, ideal pitch-black locations, and a bad-ass team of all female explorers.  And speaking of pitch-black locations, that’s why this movie excels, because when I mean black, I mean BLACK.  I can’t stand when it’s supposed to be dark in a film, but it’s obviously “lit” to be dark.  Sometimes they make it a deep blue, or occasionally it just looks like someone left a bunch of dim lights on.  I hate that.  No, in the Descent, they’re underground and Neil Marshall uses pitch… f*#@ing… black.  Funny story.  I saw this at a midnight screening at the Sundance Film Festival and not only did it blow my mind, but it scared me to death.  Walking back to my condo at 3:30 am after the screening (in the darkness and through snow I might add), out of the corner of my eye I saw something running at me.  At that moment, my brain wasn’t firing correctly, and to me I thought for SURE it was one of he creatures from the movie.  I literally jumped into a snowbank to bolt away… Then I realized it was a dog.  So yeah, let’s just say it can affect you. Filled with amazing jump scares and spectacular gore galore, if you haven’t seen it, you’re seriously in for a treat.

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