10/7/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #7 – Videodrome.


This is a movie that gets under your skin… literally. There’s two ways to look at Videodrome, the retro way, and the current way. When this disturbing flick first came out, it was at the height of VHS tapes, pirate cable networks, and what at the time was a whole new era of communication. So if you can somehow place yourself back into the 1983 mindset, you can seriously absorb yourself into the paranoia and uneasiness that this movie delivers. But interestingly, I feel like there’s a whole new way of looking at this movie as well, and that’s through current eyes. Mentally replace VHS tapes and pirate cable stations with smartphones and streaming media and it’s as relevant as ever, almost more so since as a culture we seem to be utterly consumed by electronics and social media, not to mention all the privacy issues that seem to be at a peak right now. David Cronenberg knows how to disturb people. He has a way of discovering and boring into some of your basest fears, and Videodrome is a prime example. On a visceral level, some of the visuals on display are still to this day just utterly creepy and, at times revolting. In a movie where the discovery of a live video feed that basically only shows torture and snuff footage ISN’T the most disturbing thing in the film, that says something. Happy viewing… just try not to pulled into the screen.

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