There is so much about Tremors to love that it’ll be hard for me to actually stop writing about it. This movie came out of nowhere for me when I originally saw it at the theater, and it left me with one of those rare, “movie highs.” I couldn’t stop thinking about how well it handled so many difficult things: balancing comedy with horror elements, simple yet fantastic practical creatures (no CGI!), and the fact that 90% of this movie is set in the broad daylight and still suspenseful! This is a perfect example of a fantastic screenplay dominating over common thought of “story obstacles.” In fact, when I was in my screenwriting program in college, my teacher actually showed us Tremors as an example of an ideal structure. Best. Class. Ever. Listen, I’m not even bringing up Kevin Bacon and Remo Williams… I mean Fred Ward, as two of the greatest leads ever. I’m not even bringing up the amazing suspense-building moments like the sheepherder whose face they find buried under his hat. I’m focusing all my love on the seriously intelligent screenplay that deserves a lot of credit for turning a film about giant underground worms into a step above, smart, and entertaining thriller that also has you laughing hysterically. A major tip o’ the hat to ya, writers.


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