Another no brainer. But I had to put it on my list because it’s shocking to me how many people have never seen this film. What’s your damn problem? Creepshow is a fun, absolutely unique experience. It’s not as much of a movie as it is a comic book with lungs. With its bold colors not normally seen on film; sound effects and music that literally make the scenes pop to life; and situations and character reactions that are literally pulled from the frozen balloons of the illustrated page, Creepshow excels on numerous entertaining levels. I still remember visiting the old special effects show they used to have at Universal Studios in Orlando when I was a kid and they showed how they did the cockroach sequence. Blew my mind and stuck with me forever. And on a simply wacky note, in a movie with awesome 80’s actors like Leslie Neilson, Ted Danson, and Adrienne Barbeau, it’s kind of funny that the performance you remember the most is by Stephen King. He’s one of the greatest authors of our generation and pivotal in my life growing up… but it’s a damn good thing he didn’t quit his day job. I for one was happy when Jordy Verrill died. Sorry Steve.


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