Dead Alive

“I kick ass for the lord!” Not only did I quote that for months, but this entire movie basically took over my life for a few years after it was released. Because no one would carry it in Utah, I had to special order it from Suncoast (remember Suncoast?), and once I had it in my mitts, I had to show it to every person I knew. It was like a rare treasure. A treasure with so much pleasure. And for any of you that don’t know, before he was Mr. Lord of the Rings, King Kong, and geek sweetheart, Peter Jackson was New Zealand’s twisted king of splatter gore. He made a few gems during the time, but Dead/Alive is by far his crowning achievement. It may in fact be the single most bloody and gory film ever made. But it’s also one of the most hilarious. Here, gore is done for laughs, not screams. So all I can say is sit back and enjoy the blood flow. Just be sure and definitely check out the unrated version, which is more than 20 minutes longer than the rated version, almost all of which deals with a handheld lawnmower. And a zombie baby in a blender. Yeah, you heard me. So great.


One thought on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/4/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #4 – Dead/Alive.

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