Let the Right One In

I couldn’t wait for more than the second pick to hurry and get this one out there. I should also immediately say that while the American remake (Let Me In) is actually a rarity in that it’s a really well made version, capturing much of the original’s tone and spirit, and a great movie in its own right, still, for my money the original is almost flawless. This little Swedish film is without measure one of the best crossover genre films of the past decade. It’s definitely horror, but on such a deeper dramatic level than you’re used to for the genre. The overall tone and mood, aided by an amazing cold and helpless setting, pulls you into each and every moment like nothing else. In addition, the fact that the disturbing story mainly deals with children is something that most American audiences just aren’t used to. And hats off to the child actors because their performances are spot on. It’s still bloody and disturbing, but this is also a film that even non-horror people can appreciate. It truly is a modern masterpiece.

One thought on “FLASHBACK 2010 PICK – 10/2/10 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #2 – Let The Right One In.

  1. Just right when I was thinking how lame my life is, since I’ve never seen any of your recommended scary movies… Here we go, I’ve seen this one! As you said, amazing. The final pool scene still haunts me… such a deafening silence in there!
    And no, I haven’t seen the remake yet.


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