2010 and 2011. Two movie picks for the price of one.

Last year was the first year that I started to post my October Horror Movie Recommendations, mainly on a whim. I just did it for me really, because I love horror movies. I love them so much. In addition, because I work in the horror movie biz, I CONSTANTLY get asked the following two questions:

What are your favorite horror movies?

Or what I hear a lot in October is…

I need a scary movie to watch for Halloween, what’s a good one?

That last question is my favorite because it’s usually asked to me by someone who is NOT a horror movie fan. These are my favorite people to talk to. That’s also why I mix up my list a bit. They’re not all hard-R movies that make you want to slit your throat after watching. There are also some children’s flicks that I find haunting, and even some animated ones. Mainly what I’m saying is that there is a movie for everyone. Horror doesn’t have to be exclusive. But wait, I got off on a tangent… Where was I? Oh yeah.

So last year I decided to start posting these recommendations on Facebook for fun.  Amazingly it took on a life of its own. I started getting messages from people I didn’t know. It started some nice conversations, and I made a bunch of interesting horror movie friends out of it. It got a lot of response, and what initially was done just for myself and some friends, spiraled into something else. So this year I decided to move to this shiny new home. Here on this fancy blog.

Now, because of this new home, many people will be reading this for the very first time. So I figured I’d re-post my 2010 picks as well, alongside my 2011 picks. So guess what folks? This year you’re going to get TWO picks a day, for each day in October. My 2010 choice. And a new 2011 choice. Good times.

Hey, I hope you enjoy. And I REALLY hope you don’t always agree with me, because there is zero fun in that. Let’s start a debate, disagree/agree, whatever, and let’s talk some horror.


2 thoughts on “2010 and 2011. Two movie picks for the price of one.

  1. I heard about you on Twitter. Can’t wait to read the list. I am a horror movie enthusiast as well. I live for that giddy feeling of when you start watching a scary movie that you haven’t seen yet!

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