10/1/11 – 2011 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE RECOMMENDATION #1 – Drag Me to Hell.


Drag Me to Hell

I figure I’d start my 2011 selections off with a relatively recent release that, in my opinion, does not get NEARLY the credit it deserves. Drag Me To Hell makes me want to dedicate my life to making sure Sam Raimi returns to the horror genre full time. True story, Sam Raimi was pivotal in my decision to get into the business of making horror movies. Watching Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 were religious experiences in my youth (and I grew up in Utah where religious experiences are a constant.) Sam’s over the top style that mixed scary with FUN is something that spoke to me on a crazy inner level. He showed me that horror movies can be fun as shit. Very few even come close to his style and that speaks volumes. He went away for a while and made a few movies about a spider or something, but then… THEN… he returned to us with this work of genius. Look, if you don’t get Drag Me To Hell, that’s cool. You just suck and everyone hates you. Sorry, it’s time you knew. This movie has so much fun packed in it that I could watch it once a week and enjoy something different each time. So much goo. So many various fluids. So many amazing and interesting scares. And yes it’s PG-13! I know! Look, let yourself loose, sit back, and allow it to coat you in all of its awesome gypsy saliva.


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